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Cat Scratching Furniture?

4 Ways to Save Your Sofa

Your cat scratching is natural behavior important to her health. There are several ways to make sure the cat and curtains peacefully coexist.     Read More
Curbside Vet Service in Charlotte NC

Curbside Vet Service

Unless otherwise mandated by the authorities, Mixed Pet will remain OPEN for you and your pets during the coronavirus pandemic.     Read More
Microchips for Pets

Microchips for Pets

If your pet ever gets lost, a microchip can help them get home safely. Click to read answers to common questions about microchips for pets.     Read More
Finding a Lost Pet

Finding a Lost Pet

Losing a pet is traumatic, but the sooner you set your search plan in action, the sooner he’ll be at home barking at the mailman again.     Read More
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