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Free Belly Rubs!

Free Belly Rubs!

Puppy Adoptions

Puppy Adoptions

We have partnered with Charlotte Dog Club as their preferred veterinarian in the Charlotte and South Charlotte markets.

A question we get quite often is, where can I get a puppy for our family? It is not an easy answer, and unfortunately, in our market, there are not a lot of options. An animal shelter is an opportunity to adopt puppies, dogs, cats, and kittens of all shapes, sizes, breeds, and ages. As our name suggests, they are a gathering of Mixed Pets.

Charlotte Dog Club Vet

Charlotte Dog Club Partnership

Some people are looking for specific breeds. For those families, we have partnered with Charlotte Dog Club as their preferred veterinarian in the Charlotte and South Charlotte markets.

Highests Standards of Excellence

Woman holding two puppiesWe like to say that the Charlotte Dog Club is in the business of CUTE. They have a family of loving, responsible breeders who specialize in healthy, adorable, small breed dogs. Their standard of excellence and their devotion to exercise, socialization, and exceptional veterinary care are among the many reasons we confidently recommend them.

Their sole purpose is to find loving families for these tiny bundles of cuteness. We highly respect their goal to breed the healthiest puppies possible, which is why they extend up to a 10-year health guarantee.

Free Puppy Exam

When you adopt a puppy through the Charlotte Dog Club, your first puppy pediatric exam is FREE at Mixed Pet Veterinary Hospital.

For more information, visit or call (704) 761-6389.

Frequently Asked Questions

Puppies need exercise and should be allowed to play. However, if the puppy needs to be carried from one point to another, it is perfectly fine for a short duration.

If only your puppy’s feet are dirty, just wash the feet or rinse them off. You probably do not need soap. Once your puppy gets to the point that a bath is necessary you want to get a very mild shampoo designed for dogs. 

Do not use adult or baby shampoo. Your puppy shampoo doesn’t need fragrances, cream rinse, or conditioners – a general cleansing shampoo is all you need. Put a small amount on your puppy and wet the body down. Lather it up as much as you can and if the suds do not entirely cover your puppy, add a little bit more shampoo. 

Be very careful around the head area. You do not want to get soap or water into your puppy’s ears and eyes. Next, rinse your puppy thoroughly. And when you think you have rinsed all of the shampoo off (especially with long-haired puppies), rinse one more time. You must make sure that all of the shampoo has been rinsed off. Soap can easily irritate the skin if it stays on your puppy.

Puppies need to have their first, preferably their second set of vaccines before going outside.

Absolutely. Yet, avoid all other dogs.

Your 8-week old puppy can meet other dogs as long as you know they are well cared for puppies or dogs and are receiving routine care by a veterinarian.

Be sure that your puppy is fed and has been given water an hour or two before leaving. The puppy should be taken out on a potty break just before you leave. The puppy should remain in its crate for the duration of the time you are gone. Do not put any food or water in the crate.

Yes, 10-week old puppies can sleep through the night. Be sure that your puppy is fed 3-4 hours before bed and all water is taken away at least two hours before bedtime. The puppy should be taken out on a potty break before put to bed.

Absolutely. Please ask your veterinarian for help.

No, because a puppy pad will encourage the puppy to use the bathroom in the cage.

You can start training your puppy at two months of age.

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