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Who Wants a Treat?

Who Wants a Treat?

You'll Love These Perks

As a Mixed Pet client, you get so much more than great veterinary care.

After-Hours Support

Free Emergency Consultations

As a Mixed Pet Vet client, we are pleased to provide after-hours emergency consultations from a licensed veterinary professional during nights, weekends, and holidays. These individuals will help determine whether a trip to the emergency vet is necessary and direct you on where to go. Typically, practices charge an exam fee, yet this value-add service is entirely free to our system’s active clients.

Order Online Anytime

Competitive Online Prices

Our online store takes the top five online pet retailers and scans for the lowest price across the internet. This ensures that you receive the lowest price on every item we carry through our online store. As a client, you will automatically receive significant discounts and rebates available only through a veterinary practice. You will not find these savings through online pet retailers (like the one that rhymes with “phooey.”). Generally, you will save an additional 5% on each shipment when you elect auto-ship—free shipping on all orders over $38. Purchasing from our online store versus an online “big box store” helps keep our overall costs down, enabling us to add more value-add perks for you as a client.

Loyalty Paws

Redeem for Discounted Services

Be rewarded just for being a good pet owner with the loyalty program in our app. To get started, download our app and sign in with the email you have on file with us. Then select the loyalty icon from the home screen. This is where the loyalty paws you have earned will appear in the future. Click on “Earn More Paws” will show you how to acquire more paws in addition to the paws you automatically earn by making purchases at our practice. The reward store showcases all the ways your paws may be redeemed during a future visit, from free nail trims to $100 off services. Being a Mixed Pet Vet app user has its perks.

Mixed Pet Vet App

Your Pet, Your Vet at Your Fingertips

With you and only you in mind, we have developed our very own app. It goes beyond your pet’s medical portal. It makes caring for your pet better and easier. With a built-in loyalty program, curbside care, virtual payments, access to medical records, 2-way chat, pharmacy requests, notifications, and online scheduling, to name just a few features. You thought the dog was a man’s best friend. True, yet the Mixed Pet app will be your new BFF for many other reasons.

Daily Perks

Perks During Each Visit

Your dog (and some accommodating cats) will receive a free designer bandana during each visit. Each bandana is handmade by Dr. Schoolmeester’s mother-in-law, and the design changes with each month and season.

Upon request, we offer you free bottled water while you wait. Yet not just any water, but Le Bleu. Their water is called “ultra-pure” because it’s simply the purest, healthiest, and best-tasting bottled water around—only the best for you.

We file your pet insurance for you after each visit so that you do not need to. This may sound like a little thing, but it is actually very time-consuming on our part, and we do not know of another practice that does so for their clients. Yet another perk of being with Mixed Pet Vet.