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11 Doggie Day Camps Your Dog Will Love

Dog Camps in Charlotte NC

It’s no secret that dogs need plenty of exercise and social interaction, but for many owners, a hectic schedule makes this tricky. What would Riley like better – eight hours alone on the couch watching infomercials , or a whole day of running, jumping and splashing with other dogs? That’s an easy one. Lucky for you there are plenty of dog day care options in Charlotte, and probably one or two right on your way to work.


(704) 323-8486 | Website

At home, he might have a hard time deciding whether he wants in or out, but with Dogtopia’s indoor and outdoor play areas, he can change his mind as often as he likes. It’s an easy stop off for South Charlotte commuters, and with live webcams, you can check in on the fun any time.

City Dog

(704) 338-9663 | Website

With a sprawling patch of artificial turf that could double as a practice field for the Carolina Panthers, Max will have plenty of room to burn off steam with his buddies. And City Dog USA is right outside Uptown, so it’s a snap to scoop him up on the way home.

The Barker Lounge

(704) 522-7537 | Website

Wrestling. Tug of war. Jungle Gym. Swimming. Blowing bubbles. Naps. No, it’s not Boy Scout camp, it’s a typical day at The Barker Lounge. They’re open 7 days a week, and they guarantee that at the end of the day, you’ll pick up a “tired and happy pooch.”

Camp Bow Wow

(704) 527-3647 | Website

With Camp Bow Wow’s three fenced outdoor play areas and three indoor play areas, your dog will have almost 10,000 square feet to run free with her new friends. Plus they have cozy sleeping cots, fleece blankets and a teacup room. Does your apartment have a teacup room?

Dogs All Day

(704) 523-3380 | Website

With a primo location like this, you’ll have time to score coffee and a donut, and still make it to work on time. Their four-acre outdoor play area is one of the largest around, plus Dogs All Day is open every day – even holidays. Don’t be surprised when you see a sleigh with eight reindeer in the parking lot in December.

Carolinas' Critter Sitters

(704) 970-7297 | Website

You knew early on that your dog was choosy when she wouldn’t touch store brand kibble, and she only signed and hung her head when you got that fake Prada bag in Chinatown. For savvy hounds like this, only REAL grass will do, and Carolinas’ Critter Sitters has almost an acre of it in their outdoor play area.

Carolina Doggie Playland

(704) 529-7757 | Website

“Constant human companionship” for only $24 a day? After a few nights of Netflix and boxed wine, that actually sounds pretty nice. Too bad it’s at Carolina Doggie Playland and only for dogs. Webcams give you a front row seat to all the action, and the giant rubber floor mat goes easy on your dog’s muscles and joints.

Club Fetch

(980) 299-0019 | Website

Does your cranky older dog flash his incisors when younger dogs try to play? Club Fetch might be your spot, with four oversized play areas where dogs are grouped for maximum harmony. Older, wiser dogs can relax in peace in the Senior Room and talk about the good old days before leash laws. Hipsters can play or sprawl out and look cool together on a giant leather sofa in the Howl Room.

Star Dog

(704) 496-3668 | Website

Uptown’s only canine facility is also just a bone’s throw to the NC Music Factory. Here, every dog is a star dog, but if you take him over to dog friendly VBGB beer Hall after a day of camp, he’ll really wag that tail.

Social Pet Hotel & Daycare

(704) 835-1022 | Website

Does your large breed dog knock grown men off their feet when he says ‘hello?’ Separate play zones for large and small dogs mean that Butch won’t have to tiptoe around any Chihuahuas. And with all the cool wading pools in the shaded outdoor play area, he might think you left him at a water park.

K9 Playland Resort

(704) 525-9778 | Website

It’s been said that nothing in life is free, but at K9 Playland your first day really is on the house. With supervised, size specific areas for play and nap time, Buster is sure to come home tired and happy. And with flexible pick up and drop off times, you can always pick him up right after work – whenever that happens to be.