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14 Halloween Pet Costumes Sure to Make You Smile

Halloween Pet Costumes
Bat Pet Costume

Night Stalker

This is the perfect last minute pet costume for all the black cats out there who aren’t already clinging to the back of a broom, or curled up next to a boiling cauldron. Just remember that she has no intention of spending the night upside down in a cave. Credit: anamoly_music

Pig Pet Costume

Pretty in Pink

It should be easy to overlook that bad breath and under bite with the string of Mikimoto pearls and all the pink accessories. Don’t be shy. Pucker up, sweetheart, and give her a kiss! Credit: californiacostumes

Hannibal Lechter Pet Costume


It puts the dog treats in the basket. With a creepy mask that Hannibal Lechter himself would be proud of, this Silence of the Lambs inspired costume is the perfect way to get inside the heads of your annoying next door neighbors. Credit: shyshy_kitty

Green Wig Pet Costume

Green Mystery

Is it Thing One or Thing Two? Motley Crue’s back up guitarist? A mad scientist? An angst ridden teenager? Who knew a green cat wig could be such an enigma? Credit: montecitopetshop

Hamburger Pet Costume

Where’s the Beef?

Two slightly forlorn faces on toasted sesame buns. Check. Lettuce, tomato, and cheese. Check. Now, will someone please pass the ketchup and mustard, so we can get this over with? Credit: foreverpillows

Tiger Pet Costume

Teddy Bear

Look out Winnie the Pooh. This is the one night of the year when your dog gets to have perfectly round ears. And he plans to enjoy every minute of it. Credit: cushzilla

Wig Pet Costume

Sassy School Girl

With those adorable blonde pigtails it’s impossible to say no. This little ‘school girl’ might be trouble, but at least you know she won’t ask for the car keys. Credit: cushzilla

Wizard of Oz Pet Costume

Wizard of Oz

Sure these Wizard of Oz costumes are amazing but the real feat is how the photographer kept their attention long enough to get the shot. You’ll really shake things up when you dress yourself up as Toto and then follow the yellow brick road. Credit: bucklette117

Lion Pet Costume

The Little Lion

Don’t expect this adorable little lion to chase down a gazelle for dinner. You’ll still have to serve her wet food gently warmed, per usual, right after her massage and pedicure. Credit: sarahkalnajs

Bumble Bee Pet Costume

Slobbery Bumble Bee

You won’t have to worry about being stung, but there’s a good chance you’ll get slobbered by this furry bumblebee. Credit: sunrisevetcomox

Penguin Pet Costume

Penguin’s Lovechild

Is it a cat in a penguin costume, or the love child of Cat Woman and The Penguin? Looks like The Caped Crusader and Boy Wonder may have their hands full this time! Credit: nicandrob

Steampunk Pet Costume

Cat Crusader

Watch out Indiana Jones. Booby traps and creepy underground tunnels are just a warm up for this well equipped feline adventurer. Credit: cat_cosplay

Hot Dog Pet Costume

Hot Diggity Dog!

At 4:45pm on Halloween it was either this or a used Little Mermaid costume. It may take him a little while to warm up to the bun and condiments, but when he does, he’ll rock it in style. Credit: heiidelicious

Pirate Pet Costume

Furry Son of Anarchy

You can look at my Harley all you like, but if you want to keep those kneecaps, don’t even think about touching it. Credit: dollythebasenji