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So Happy You’re Here!

So Happy You’re Here!

How Can We Help?

What brings you here today? Are you looking for something? As a client, you already know our helpful and knowledgeable staff, yet our website is almost as fantastic (in a pinch) as we are. It has a comprehensive search function for you to find almost anything you need for your pet virtually.

Frequently Asked Questions and Requests

I Need My Pet’s Vaccine History for Boarding or Grooming

Download or open your Mixed Pet app and click on the Paw icon to view your pet(s). Click on your pet, and you will see your pet’s current or past-due reminders. Click on the About tab at the top, and it will display more information about your pet.

I Want To Book an Appointment

No need to wait to call or be put on hold. Click here to schedule an appointment 24/7.

Or, download and open your Mixed Pet app so that you always have us with you. Click on the Calendar icon and then Request Appointment. Create a separate, new login for your online appointments. (The app will not automatically log you in to book appointments as these are two different programs.) You will be able to choose your specific day and time for your visit. You will receive an email confirmation within two minutes.

I Need To Pick Up Medications or Food

Download or open your Mixed Pet app and click on the shopping icon. Determine whether you want to pick up or have your items delivered. If you’re going to pick it up, follow the requested information needed for us to prepare your order.

Online Store Deliveries

If you want your items delivered, we will link you to our online store. It provides supplies to you at very competitive prices and with free delivery over $38. Supporting Mixed Pet Veterinary Hospital versus large online retailers enables small businesses like us to continue to assist the community we serve and keep our overall costs down for you.

I Have a Question

Download or open your Mixed Pet app. Click on the message bubble icon at the top of the screen. You will be able to chat with us during regular business hours. Please give us a few minutes to get back in touch with you, as we are typically juggling multiple clients.

You can always leave us a phone or email message. Both options are also readily convenient from the app. Click on the 3-vertical dots from any page.

May I Get a Discount?

First, thank you for being a loyal client. Sometimes we offer specials such as a percentage off for dental surgeries or other promotions. We will notify you of these promotions through the app. Remember to turn on notifications for the Mixed Pet app in your phone’s settings.

Loyalty Program Rewards

Additionally, our app’s loyalty program rewards you for simply being a good pet owner. Click on the loyalty icon (ribbon) from the home screen. The paws you have earned will appear here. Select, Earn More Paws will give you more opportunities to earn paws in addition to the paws you earn during visits. The reward store shows the ways your paws can be redeemed during a future visit for discounted services.