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Super Vets for Super Pets

Super Vets for Super Pets

Dr. Sara Keb

Dr. Sara Keb

As a south Charlotte native, I grew up loving animals. Much to my Dad’s dismay, I tried to save every poor helpless creature I found from injured baby birds to sick stray cats and dogs. So it was no surprise when I confidently announced in kindergarten that I was going to be a veterinarian.

In college I embraced my love of learning and found myself mildly distracted by the wonderful world of science. Instead of going straight into veterinary medicine, I took the path less traveled and ended up in graduate school studying various topics from swine and beef cattle genetics to potential dietary interventions for human heart disease. While my time in academia was very fulfilling and mentally stimulating, I missed working directly with animals. So instead of getting a “real job” as my parents put it, I decided to continue my college career and go back to veterinary school!

I graduated from the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine in 2012, and with absolutely no regard for my personal health, I decided on a veterinary career in equine medicine working with racehorses. I learned a great deal those first few years, including the names of the staff at my local emergency room (LOL). As equine medicine was clearly not for me long term, I decided to make the switch to small animal and have never looked back!

I still live in south Charlotte now with my husband, our golden retriever Arya (pictured here), and 2 crazy cats Murphy and Belly. When our cats are not silently plotting our demise or how to break into the food container, I can often be found jogging on the greenway with Arya or practicing yoga. I am excited to be at Mixed Pet Vet and look forward to meeting you and your furry family.